Unitech still experiencing water woes

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UNIVERSITY of Technology (Unitech) staff members residing on  campus are the worst affected water consumers in Lae.
Unlike other city residents, staff members are still experiencing water cuts every time there is a power interruption.
The campus has two pump stations which were recently fitted with new generators imported from Australia last month.
The generators were supposed to sustain the distribution of the city’s water supply in the event of a power cut.
“How can you expect us to be happy with the Waterboard?
“We come to work without showers some days, and our bodies start to roast,” Unitech staff member Georgina Thompson said.
“Sometimes we have four to five blackouts a day,” computer technician John Kusa said.
“The minute power fails, the taps also run dry.”
The student boarding areas still have water supply during power cuts due to reserve tanks.