Unitech wins Wafi Golpu job

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PAPUA New Guinea should start placing its confidence in local graduates and institutions of higher learning, Environment, Conservation and Climate Change Minister John Pundari said.
“This paradigm shift in confidence on locals will help breed our own scientists,” he added.
“We have produced a great number of national scientists in environmental science, and it is time we give them the needed support and the confidence.
“I made such a bold statement in Sydney last year at the mining and petroleum conference and now I must push for practice and action.
“For the first time in the history of this country, we have moved away from foreign science institutions and learned scientists and are doing things independently for the Wafi Golpu mine.”
Pundari was addressing University of Technology (Unitech) students on Friday, before signing a memorandum of understanding between the university and the Conservation and Environment Protection Authority.
Unitech will be doing an independent review of the Wafi Golpu environmental impact statement (EIS), which acting vice-chancellor Dr Ora Renagi described would be a breakthrough for the university.
“The independent peer review of the EIS for Wafi Golpu will garner a great deal of confidence internationally, and be able to attract that recognition for the institution” Pundari said.
“I am sure that Unitech would have been prepared to undertake this first independent peer review for many of our mining, petroleum, and oil sector.”
Renagi said scientists, engineers and others in Unitech would contribute to the reviews of the Wafi Golpu EIS.
“The confidence shows that we have the capacity to meet the demand for industry, and the expectations of the government,” he said.
“With the success of this engagement, we look forward to other similar reviews, as the university can also carry out other environmental researches through its different departments.”

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  • The current Vice Chancellor of Unitech, Dr. Ora Renagi PHD. did his thesis in Environmental Science and is the right person to see this EIS through.

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