United church children’s ministry holds fellowship

Faith, Normal

The National, Thursday July 26th, 2012

THE United Church Sunday School children from Hula Taikone and Tubusereia villages, Central, staged a dynamic combined fellowship last Sunday at Taikone village.
Tubusereia Children’s Ministry superintendent Paul Ranu said it was an item Sunday where children dramatised what they had learnt in classes over the previous Sundays.
Ranu said it was the first of its kind for the two villages to have such a combined fellowship for the children’s ministry.
There were 150-plus children from Tubusereia’s Children’s Ministry and 100 children from the Hula Taikone Children’s Ministry. 
The children performed a number of items, including Gospel stringband songs, drama, and recited verses they had memorised.
At the end of the programme, they exchanged gifts with “secret” friends to mark the event and build a bond between the two Sunday school groups.
Ranu said the gathering was to help boost the children’s morale to remain and grow in God’s embrace.
 “Most young children are leaving the churches today because they are looking for entertainment and we, the churches, must come up with creative activities to relay the Gospel to our children to grow them in their Christian faith,” he said.
“This gathering is to share the love of Christ and help children understand that we are one in the body of Christ.”