United Kingdom wants to increase trade, export


THE United Kingdom wants to help Papua New Guinea increase trade and exports, says British High Commissioner Keith Scott.
Scott made the remarks during a reception at Apec Haus in Port Moresby on Wednesday to celebrate the 93rd birthday of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.
“We are about to launch a new trade partnerships programme, which will help Papua New Guinea get maximum benefit from its economic partnership agreements, such as the one signed with the United Kingdom in March to ensure continued preferential market access after we leave the European Union,” Scott said.
“Our work through the Commonwealth Standards Network is helping PNG develop internationally recognised standards, which in turn, should facilitate exports.”
The event hosted by the British High Commission was attended by Governor-General Sir Bob Dadae, Prime Minister James Marape, diplomats, MPs, ministers and other dignitaries.
“For the United Kingdom, work is not just carrying on; it is stepping up a level,” Scott said.
“This year, we are increasing our engagement in the Pacific, doubling the size of our diplomatic network to six missions and bringing in regional trade, development and climate expertise, so in the Pacific, Britain is back.
“But in PNG we never left. Indeed, we are all around, helping others help PNG.
“The UK is the largest funder of the World Bank’s international development assistance, which greatly benefits the region.
“We are the largest European funder of the Asian Development Bank, and the third largest contributor to the United Nations.
“Consider too the European Union’s excellent programme of development assistance, ranging from projects such as agricultural works to technical and vocational training.
“Almost a fifth of that comes from the United Kingdom – and will continue to do so until 2023 at least regardless of what happens with Brexit.
“And through the Commonwealth, we are providing over €90,000,000 (K324m) of funding to help PNG and others develop sustainable marine economies and eradicate single use plastics,”
Scott said the Queen had been on the throne for over 67 years.
“She is the United Kingdom’s longest reigning monarch,” he said.
“Her first British Prime Minister was Sir Winston Churchill.
“She has also been Papua New Guinea’s Head of State since Independence, and visited three times – in 1974, 1975 and 1982.
“Her family have also been regular visitors.
“I know too that Papua New Guineans are proud of this shared heritage with the United Kingdom.”
The Queen is the Head of the 53-nation Commonwealth.
“At times of change and political uncertainty – and we all know about that in both the UK and PNG in recent days – the Queen’s steadfastness, her sense of duty and her dedication to public service provide reassurance and stability,” Scott said.
“If I may be so bold as to imagine her outlook on life, for Missis Kwin, it might be wok mas go yet.”
Governor-General Sir Bob Dadae, on behalf of the Government and the State, extended his warmest and respectful wishes to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, on her 93rd birthday.
“PNG and the UK have enjoyed smooth and cordial relations for the past 44 years, since the establishment of diplomatic relations in September 1975,” Sir Bob said.