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OPPOSITION Leader Patrick Pruaitch has quit his post to join the James Marape-led government with his National Alliance MPs, hoping to help salvage the economy currently going through “turbulent times”.
“As responsible leaders, we need to lend our support to the prime minister to ensure that appropriate strategies are developed to address the chronic (economic) problems inherited over the years,” he said.
“We stand ready to lend that support and today the major party in the opposition (National Alliance) has resolved to move with the rest of the opposition leaders to the government.
“We feel that together we can better manage our country. I think our country and our citizens deserve a better government that will recognise what our people want.”
Pruaitch, the National Alliance Party leader, said he was crossing the floor with his 18 party MPs, plus Rabaul MP Dr Allan Marat from the Melanesian Liberal Party.
Marat could not be reached to confirm this yesterday.
The other two MPs likely to remain in the Opposition are Kandrian-Gloucester MP Joseph Lelang and Vanimo-Green MP Belden Namah.
Namah said whoever was elected to replace Pruaitch as Opposition Leader would continue pursuing the Supreme Court case, questioning the legality of Marape’s election as prime minister on May 31.
Pruaitch said the decision to join the Marape-led government was in the best interest of the country.
He said the party had accepted the “invitation” to join Marape “in consolidating his government”.
“Our country is going through turbulent times. (And) with the experience we are have in the opposition, we feel we can come together to develop strategies,” he said.
On the economic management of the nation “over the last six to seven years”, he said “we have seen things being done”.
“But there are legacy issues in terms of the debt profile, lack of foreign reserves, borrowings that are taking place and the mismatch between what is budgeted and what is actually flowing onto our rural sectors, particularly in our education and health programmes.”
Marape thanked Pruaitch, the NA MPs and other leaders for offering constructive views.
“For them to make important concession, it elevates their standing as genuine leaders of the country leaving aside personal interests and egos to embrace unity.”


  • So who is going to be on the opposition side? PO said he wants to rest and ended up in the middle bench. PNC’s senior ministers too are reluctant to be in the opposition. PMJM tried to make PO and his team sit on the opposition bench but this has not worked out too. Yet, the opposition side made a terrible mistake to join the MS government. The question is if there is no vibrant opposition team like the recent one that was comprised of BK and KK who will accurately correct the errors of the incumbent government? Will we take back PNG in the long run? I think nothing good will come out from such a government that does not have a strong opposition. Some of those party groups in the government should now break away and join Namah to form a powerful opposition team. Way forward to take back PNG.

  • we need oppositions to direct the path of the country. you will not change the country when you are with the government only. yes, the government sets out plans and objectives. thus we need good oppositions to make sure the government function according to the plan and objectives. remember all human make mistakes and you will not realize your own mistakes unless someone correct you.

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