University and Planning sign understanding on common interests

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The National – Thursday, June 16, 2011

THE Department of National Planning and Monitoring and James Cook University in Queensland, Australia, have signed a memorandum of agreement (MoU) to work together in a number of key areas of interest.
The MoU was signed last week at university’s Cairns Institute by the Minister for National Planning and District Development, Paul Tiensten, and the Deputy Vice-Chancellor University Services, Dr Stephen Weller.
Tiensten said the objective was for institutions to expand cooperation and exchange ideas in areas of mutual interest.
He said they both wished to carry out programmes and activities with each other in the following areas:
* Joint development of research projects;
* Joint organisation of scientific and cultural events;
* Exchange of members of their technical and administrative staff;
* In-country and out of country training programmes for staff of PNG national provincial and local level government;
* In-country training for communities and community leaders, in­cluding women’s organisations; and, 
* Implementation of development projects.
“Exchange program­mes shall be arranged through the department and the university subject to the approval of the appropriate authority at each institution,” Tiensten said.
He said that deal was for the next five years.
He said it was timely for the department and the university to agree to work collaboratively when “PNG begins to implement its Development Strategic Plan 2010-30 and the Medium Term Development Plan 2011-15.
“The government alone cannot work to achieve the goals of the MTDP, DSP and Vision 2050 therefore establishing partnership with appropriate learning and research institution within PNG and within the region is crucial for effective implementation of these plans,” he said. 
He said it was now a challenge for the department and other institutions of the state to take advantage of this opportunity.