University clarifies position


THE University of Goroka (UoG) is not obliged to admit any student who graduates from unrecognised private training institutions, vice-chancellor Prof Musawe Sinebare says.
Sinebare issued a notice regarding a particular training institution (named).
He said the institution had no affiliation with UoG.
Earlier, Education secretary Dr Uke Kombra said there were a number of unregistered teachers colleges enrolling students.
He told parents and students to enrol at recognised teachers colleges.
“There are number of teachers colleges that have not been approved to be teachers colleges and they have been enrolling students and giving them the promise that they (student) will be certified and they will become teachers in our education system,” he said.
Dr Kombra said the department had frequently put out advertisements of the list of registered teachers colleges in the country.
“Those that not have been approved are not on the list so parents should not send their children to the colleges that are not approved.”
Dr Kombra said the department had strict standards that every college needed to meet in order to be registered as teacher training institutions.
“There are a number of teacher training institutions across the country, they have attempted to get themselves registered.
“But in most of the cases when they have applied for registration, they have not met the minimum requirements that we have for them to become a teacher training institution,” he said.
Kombra said the requirements were infrastructure (science labs, libraries, etc) and qualified lectures who had masters or bachelors with high academic achievement.