University defends police action

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The National,Thursday June 9th, 2016

THE University of Papua New Guinea says police only did what they had to do yesterday to contain the students on campus because their protest march would have been deemed illegal.
A spokesperson said the march which the students planned had not been approved by the peace and good order committee. Therefore, it was the duty of the police to restrain them – which they did.
The spokesperson confirmed that the first-year male dormitory Talaigu that was burnt on April 1 this year was set alight again yesterday afternoon. The spokesperson said there was now a heavy police presence on campus to protect properties.
“All the comments that you’ve heard about people being killed are untrue. That’s verified by the executive dean of medical school who checked all the record at the hospitals. There were some students who were injured, some went to the Gerehu clinic and two were actually taken to Port Moresby General Hospital.”
Classes at the main campus are expected to start on Monday.
The UPNG medical school started this week.