University graduates urged to create own jobs


GRADUANDS of the PNG University of Natural Resources and Environment (UNRE) have been urged to create their own employment and not wait for others to employ them.
This was the message from Levi Mano, deputy administrator of East New Britain, who was the guest speaker university graduation.
He said the country was going through tough times and jobs were scarce, so graduates should start seriously thinking about creating their own jobs.
“You have to create your own employment because times are tough,” Mano said.
“Have a positive attitude and mindset and never give up.
“You have to go back and till the land.
“Fill your heart with humility and go back and become agent of changes in your communities.”
Mano said there was no easy way out of problems and graduates should start small and make their way up the social structure.
Chancellor Kenneth Sumbuk urged the graduands to become “flag bearers” of the university.
“I thank the staff and management for successfully completing the year,” Sumbuk said.
“I give credit to the outgoing student leaders who were steadfast and ensured that services at the university were not disrupted during the management crisis.”
Sumbuk urged the students to become good examples to others wherever life may take them.
He advised them to have a positive attitude towards life in order to become successful in their endeavours.
Sumbuk said people who had negative attitude towards life became failures.
Graduands’ spokesman Goriga Gwaibo thanked the university staff for their support, help and efforts that resulted in students completing their programmes successfully.
“We also thank our parents and guardians who had faith in us and invested in our education,” he said.
“It was a tough journey but we made it.”