University of Goroka to host education conference

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The National, Monday 17th June 2013

 THE University of Goroka will next month play host to the National Education Conference aimed at improving education in the country.

There conference will be from July 8-10.

Associate Professor Michael A Mel from the University of Goroka said key themes have been identified to be the focal points for the conference like curriculum, assessment/national standards, teacher education; and economics of education.

Each of these key themes will be led by these questions: What are the challenges now? What is happening? What future do I see? How is this future to be shaped?

Sub-Themes talks about teacher education onearly pre education – primary – secondary – tertiary; appraisal system and processes and rewards for teachers, schools and governance and leadership in schools.

Curriculum is another sub-theme with discussions on key/core subjects (elementary to secondary); outcomes based or objective based curriculum; and pathways – science, arts and technical.

Participants will include students, parents, practitioners, policy-makers, industry (employers), politicians and other interested persons and groups.

Selected participants with exemplar experiences in and for education will make the presentations. 

A major attraction to the selection of the presenters will be their ‘hands-on approach’ to addressing, tackling, challenging, meeting and dealing with situations, circumstances and demands in relation to education at their location, within their organisation, around their community, and in their province. 

Presenters will involve youth as the focus in relation to their future. Parents, teachers, policy-makers, head of professional institutions and organisations, and impact leaders in public and private organisations and companies will be selected to present their experiences. 

A key objective will be for the presentations and ensuing discussions  paving ways to enunciate and begin to chart possible futures for a renewed Papua New Guinea through Education. 

Education for this conference is accepted as the major pillar in calibrating and realising the dreams that are embedded in Vision 2050 for the Papua New Guinea.

There will be panels comprising participants on various key issues. Well-informed and entertaining moderators will compare discussions by members of the panel. Members of panels may include students, parents, practitioners, policy-makers, politicians, industry leaders and other experts. Topics for panels will focus on the key sub-themes or in an area that has been a major issue in recent times within Education in PNG and possibly elsewhere. 


* Read Associate Professor Michael A Mel presentation in the Weekender on June 28