University raises concern on Facebook, social media issues

Youth & Careers

SPENDING too much time on Facebook and other social media does nothing to develop face-to-face communication skills in young people, University of Goroka (UoG) Chancellor Joseph Sukwianomb says.
“Face-to-face communication skills are very important in everyday live,” he said.
“Young people who are heavily involved in social media tend to lose those skills.”
Sukwianomb issued this challenge to first-year and continuing students at the UoG during the beginning of the orientation week on Monday.
“Spending time on Facebook and social media does not pay dividends,” he said. “It will only consume your quality time to study to get good grades. Social media will never give you good grades.”
Sukwianomb urged students to manage their time on social media, adding that it was not an offence to use it and they had their freedom of to choose what they did.
“Make a commitment on your time usage and stick by it,” he said.
In his list off “Dos and Don’ts”, Sukwianomb urged them to find a like-minded friend to develop a mutual relationship on study matters.
He also told students to always give their essays to their friend or someone else to critique and comment on and strive for excellence in all subjects.
“Never write your essays and assignments in broken English and Tok-pisin like the way you communicate with friends via text and Facebook message,” he said.
“You must always keep your rooms and bathrooms clean and tidy every day as you are privileged to be given a space in the dormitory and avoid loud noise in the campus, especially in classrooms and dormitories.”
He invited the students to be full members of the university.