University rugby league struggling to stay in the game


THE University of Papua New Guinea Rugby Football League (UPNGRFL ) is an institutional affiliate under the leagues programme of Papua New Guinea Football Rugby League.
The league runs under the Southern Confederate and has been an affiliate since 2016.
UPNGRFL was established in the early to late ’70s and has been running under the university’s sports and recreation office at the student services department which comes under the arm of the student representative council headed by the student president.
The student representative council (SRC) through the president oversees the election of the executives and helps allocate funds to the league.
However, since the dissolution of the SRC in 2016, the league has been running under personal cost.
UPNG runs its yearly competition to keep the students on campus at weekends and it allows them to participate in a social event to promote sportsmanship and general positive interaction between students from different groups and different ethnic backgrounds.
UPNGRFL for the first time in history has a women’s division (started last year) to include the participation of women and girls, and a running two-tier men’s division.
We participate in the zone trials every year.
The reality of the situation on campus is that we lack the decent exposure needed to show that we are competitive.
We have plenty of good talent and the programmes to nurture it but not enough recognition.
The problem with the league is not that we aren’t competent or have the capacity to show that we can supply PNG’s best rugby league players.
We only lack the resources and means to give us that push needed to show the right people that we are well organised and competitive.
We need sponsors.
We are wholeheartedly and undoubtedly calling on our mandated MP for Moresby North-West Sir Mekere Morauta to assist us because the competition is in his electorate.
We also call on interested supporters or sponsors but we will not ask for an amount. Any help to keep the competition going will be much appreciated.

Nason Mul Solo
UPNGRFL President