University students get K29,000 for their tuition fees


MEMBER for Okapa Saki Soloma has supported the Okapa students at the University of Papua New Guinea with K29,000 for their fees.
He presented the cheque on Sunday at the campus in Port Moresby. The 29 students will get K1000 each.
He also pledged K3000 towards the Okapa Students’ Association and K1000 for the Eastern Highlands Students’ Union.
Soloma said the funds came from an allocation of K600,000 in District Services Improvement Programme (DSIP) funds.
Recently, he also visited the University of Goroka and paid K95,000 towards the students fees of Okapa students.
He congratulated the students for having a place in the university and encouraged them to work together to develop the district, setting the pace for them to be good future leaders of Okapa.
“Being at the university is a plus for the district,” Soloma said.
“I am here to serve Okapa and I need people like you to stand by my side and whatever field that you have studied in, if you find an opportunity and if you see that there is something that Okapa needs, we can work together.
“My challenge is that since I am coming on board to pay you school fees from the DSIP funds, I expect you to do your best.
“Do not play and mark around.
“Basic services that are supposed to be delivered to our districts is not happening.
“We have been set back for the past 10 years and I am trying to start all over again, so I expect you to do your best.
“If you flunk, you let me down as well as your parents.”

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