University takes action to curb violence on campus


By Elizabeth VUVU
University of Natural Resources and Environment at Vudal in East New Britain has launched a zero-tolerance policy on all forms of violence on campus.
The policy was launched last Tuesday during its 2018 orientation and registration programme, witnessed by Police Minister and Gazelle MP Jelta Wong, pictured.
Vice-chancellor Prof John Warren told students and staff that the university would not tolerate any form of violence on campus.
“If you are violent to somebody on campus, or if you threaten violence to somebody on campus, then you lose that right to your education or your job,” he said.
Warren said the university would not give a second chance to staff or students who violated the policy.
Wong told staff and students that he would not tolerate violence.
“There is no room for violence in this university, especially when I’m in charge of this district,” he said.
Also present at the launch were Kerevat jail commander Margaret Garap and East New Britain provincial family and sexual violence action committee coordinator Aidah Ikilik.
Both expressed concern that violence was a huge problem in society and could only be minimised through a change in people’s mindsets and attitudes and reverence for the Word of God.
“Children within homes who witness abuse are also seriously affected,” Ikilik said.
“Even if a child is not physically harmed, they may have emotional and behavioural problems.”
University staff performed a drama to promote the policy.
The anti-violence policy gives freedom to students to enjoy their stay at UNRE and focus on their studies.

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