University takes steps to restore normalcy

The National,Tuesday July 5th, 2016

THE University of Goroka management says it has taken measures to restore normalcy, urging students to return to the campus by the end of the week.
In a media statement, the management said a reconciliation committee was set up last month and had scheduled visits to the Highlands to meet with provincial administrations, students and parents to brief them about the mediation process.
The management said it had also set up an independent investigation committee which started a probe yesterday into the recent violence on campus.
It said the violence was a result of a drunken brawl which erupted into an ethnic conflict.
“Those that are caught under the influence of alcohol will be dealt with under the discipline statutes and other relevant policies,” the management said.
“The university also acknowledges the respective provincial governments, members of parliament, parents and other stakeholders for their repatriation exercise of the students and advises for the return of the students to be on campus by July 10.”
It said the reconciliation committee would engage pastors and others to provide post-conflict counselling to students.