University undergoing process for world recognised qualifications


University of Technology (Unitech) is undergoing an accreditation process for engineering programmes that will eventually see international standard programmes by 2024, vice-chancellor Dr Ora Renagi, pictured, says.
“In other words, anyone graduating from Unitech with a degree in engineering will be able to work anywhere in the world,” Renagi said.
“I am happy for my graduates to go and work anywhere in the world.
“I am glad that they can find jobs with world-class companies but I will be deeply happy if they work in PNG and in development projects that they contribute directly to improve the standard of living of our people.”
Renagi said students could graduate and work elsewhere but should look back at working in their districts because that was where the potential of growth was.
He said the university had a five-year strategic plan and vision that Unitech would grows world-class technocrats for the real world by 2024 and beyond.
Their mission, he said, was to create world-class technocrats through high quality experiential teaching and ardent application of science, technology and innovation.
“I always give a comparison between UPNG (University of Papua New Guinea) and Unitech in that UPNG grows bureaucrats while Unitech grows technocrats.
“Bureaucrats manage society, they manage the economy while technocrats build houses, buildings, roads, bridges, wharves and machines to improve productivity.”
Meanwhile, he said not everyone would be selected into a post-secondary institution but there were greater opportunities that were available, Renagi said.
“Those who cannot make it to universities, colleges or institutions, there is still a lot of opportunities.
“There is potential for you to develop a profession even while you are living in your villages because of the huge land resource you have.”
“Our PMJM (Prime Minister James Marape) says that there is a two billion population in the Asian region looking for food in the future.
“PNG can become a food bowl of Asia and the Markham Valley economic corridor has the potential to develop its agriculture sector and become the food bowl of PNG and Asia and be an economic strength of Morobe.”

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