Unlawful wounding tops province’s crime list

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The National, Wednesday 19th of February, 2014

UNLAWFUL wounding topped the list of crimes committed in New Ireland last year, statistics reveal.
Provincial police commander Elizah Taksir said there were 18 cases of unlawfully wounding reported with nine arrests made and nine still outstanding.
Arson was second with 16 reported cases but only three arrests made.
There were 11 murder cases reported with nine arrests made.
Police dealt with four cases of attempted rape, three for sexual penetration and one incest case.
He said they did not make any arrests on the four attempted rape cases as they were sorted out through mediation.
“Alcohol and drugs were the two main contributing factors to unlawful wounding, wilful murder and arson,” Taksir said.
“People think they are extra tough when under the influence of alcohol and drugs and end up committing these crimes.”
Generally, he said lawlessness was not too much of a problem for province last year and was only evident in pocket areas where there was a lack of police presence.
“Community policing is carried out but then it all depends on the availability of logistics and resources to visit outer lying islands,” he said.
Taksir said plans were in place to re-establish rural police posts at Mussau, Emirau and Taskul.