Unmarked police vehicle an option

Letters, Normal

The National, Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I REFER to your report “Suspect shot dead” (The National, May 3).
I would like to commend the Goroka police for gunning down a gang leader at Kainantu.
But they were only able to do that while in an unmarked car.
If they were in a normal police car, it could have been a different story.
The “road block” gang members operating along the Highlands Highway have struck unwary tra­vellers many times in the past.
They have caused fear among travellers.
I call on the police to patrol the highway in unmarked police vehicles as this would give them more chances of arresting the gang members who would otherwise try to blend in with other highway users if they were to spot an approaching official police vehicle.
I strongly believe this is one of the options to reduce crime not only along the Highlands Highway, but also throughout the country.


Hold-up victim