UNRE hosts carols night

Islands, Normal

The National – Tuesday, December 21, 2010

EAST New Britain, given its love for choir singing, should seriously look at making the carols by candlelight as an annual programme, University of Natural Resources and Environment Vice-Chancellor Prof Philip Siaguru said.
Speaking on Saturday at the university’s fourth annual carols by candlelight programme, he said at present, centres like Lae and Port Moresby host this important event during December and ENB could take the lead for the NGI region.
Siaguru said choir groups in ENB could sing popular Christmas jingles and songs in the popular Kuanua language which would give the programme of sense of uniqueness and help bring about the Christmas fever.
He said it would be encouraging to see provincial authorities catch on from the university’s programme and support and organise one at the provincial level to be an annual programme.
Meanwhile, the Vudal campus came alive on Saturday with the addition of founding member of  famous PNG band, Sanguma, Aaron Murray, leading children in the  carols.
Murray’s trip to the university was sponsored by the public relations office specifically for the children whose experience has been fun and an interactive learning process.
Over the last three years, children have led the programme but this year, for the first time, their singing was accompanied by music and they sang Christmas songs other than the traditional carols.
Murray’s wife Rita also taught some staff a fun dance to a Christmas song that got the crowd at the university hall roaring with excitement.
The couple were acknowledged for boosting the evening by motivating children to give their best during both the rehearsal and performance.
The Murrays are also expected to help with the city-wide event in Port Moresby.