Unregistered PMV’s put people in danger


OVER a number of years, many unworthy and unlicenced buses have been allowed to operate in Gerehu, NCD without registration.
No one seem to do anything about it or raise concern about the danger it puts on human life.
Bus route 7 and 9 are supposed to operate and complete Gerehu to Gordon and Gerehu to 4-Mile return routes on daily basis by law.
These PMV route stop only at Gerehu Stage one and force passengers to either walk or jump on unlicenced and unworthy PMV buses to stage 3 to Stage 7.
These illegal operators from Gerehu stage 2 to 7 are charging passengers to pay extra 50t. These buses do not pay tax to maintain the road annually.
Their interest is making fast money illegally.
I am concerned about the payment of insurance cover which all Public Motor Vehicle (PMV) should register by law to cover the lives of travelling public.
What if an unlicensed and illegal PMV bus overturn or get into a nasty road accident causing deaths and injuries to many of our elderly, adults and children?
Who will be liable the for deaths and injuries?
Will the Motor Vehicle Insurance Ltd come out and explain and get these buses off the road?
These buses have been operating for years with the knowledge of police and authorities but nobody seem to care one bit.
Our political leaders in NCD know about this but don’t pay any attention.
Can responsible authorities stop these practice and advice the bus routes 7 and 9 operators to complete their routes.

Gumason Nakas,
Gerehu NCD