Unruly behaviour threatening development

National, Normal


UNFAVORABLE social conditions in the Jiwaka region of Western Highlands province, have become a major concern for the province’s future development prospects.
Former ward councillor for Kamamang 1 from the South Wahgi LLG and Konobuka community leader, Wau Wom, said the behaviour of intoxicated people at Minj Road, Banz and along the Highlands Highway, is getting out of control and does not warrant a better future for the province.
“You look at the drunkards drinking in the public places and threatening innocent people at the market,” Mr Wom said.
“It’s not a positive indication of a new province.”
Mr Wom said it was a major concern for the new province and if the community leaders, the police and the government did not address the law and order situation, development prospects in the new province would be at stake.
He stressed that respective community leaders from the major tribes in Minj LLG areas; Konubuka, Gnenega, Kondika and Kukika tribes who live at the vicinity of the proposed Jiwaka provincial headquarters, must address the lawlessness at their community level so that the development of the province could progress without any socially related impediments.
When The National visited the Minj police station for comments, there was no duty police officer available.