Unspoken rules and personal standards


PAPUA New Guinea citizen please when you lack self-discipline in any area of your life, it’s primarily because you’re not holding yourself accountable for keeping a particular set of standards.
The personal standards you uphold keep you on track as you work towards your goal.
They are like unspoken rules that guide your choices, decisions, behaviour, and actions throughout the day.
With that in mind, let’s outline what standards of performance you will uphold while in the pursuit of your goal.
Ask yourself:

  • What personal standards will I uphold?
  •  What behaviour and choices will I accept?
  •  What behaviour and choices will I not accept?
  •  How will I correct things when I get off track?
    This all, essentially, comes down to making simple agreements with yourself. Agreements about what you will and won’t accept are the cornerstone of self-discipline.
    It then requires holding yourself accountable for following through with these agreements.
    All this boils down to regulating and correcting your behaviour whenever you get off track.
    In a nutshell, that’s pretty much what self-discipline is all about.
    However, there is one more layer that we still need to explore.
    And that is your environment.
    Be a real citizen of PNG.

Isaac James Tikindi

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