Unused ballot papers stolen

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The National, Tuesday July 16th, 2013


THREE hundred unused ballot papers were stolen at a polling site at Laiwaden oval in Madang last Friday before polling started, provincial returning officer Philip Ann said yesterday.

He said the presiding officer had left the ballot papers and was busy with setting up the place when three packs of 100 ballot papers were stolen.

“The serial numbers of the ballot papers have been recorded and would be monitored during counting tomorrow,” he said.

Ann said he was also disappointed that certain processes of the election materials were not done as required.

He said 400 ballot papers for Transgogol were packed with those of Iabu LLG in Bogia and sent to Iabu.

“I had to drive late last night all the way to Bogia to transport the ballot papers back to Transgogol in Madang,” he said.

He said supplies of indelible ink were not sent on time which caused polling for Raicoast to delay.

“Raicoast and Middle Ramu will start next week as there are no ballot papers and indelible ink to conduct polling there, indelible ink is very important,” Ann said.

He said Josephstaal alone needed 4,000 more ballot papers.

“Police security personnel that would be deployed to Middle Ramu and Raicoast would have received their 14 days allowance by today,” he said.

Ann said Karkar LLG had begun counting with David Inbag declared councillor elect for ward 17, Ayak Uron declared for ward 19, Sei Balik for ward 26 and Padok Singat forward 30.