Unusually big guavas amaze customers

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The National, Monday 17th June 2013


WEIGHING up to 700g, Edith Babul’s Indian guavas are unusually big, even for the standard Indian variety.

Babul said the size of the guavas never fail to draw amazed customers at the Lae main market and easily fetches her up to K5 a fruit. 

Edith Babul operates a fruit and vegetable farm at her Munum village outside Lae city.

She told The National that her farm has 5,000 Indian guava trees and she supplies the two major shops in Lae-Foodmart at Top Town and Papindo at Eriku.   

A rural extension officer, Babul said she did a three and a half month course at Queensland Tafe college in Australia in 2011 and she is proficient in budding high breed guavas and other fruits. 

One of her creation and obviously her pride is a high breed Indian red guava which is a cross between the local red and the Indian which retains the succulent red interior but dwarfs the local variety.