Unvaccinated must test daily: NCDC

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NATIONAL Capital District Commission (NCDC) employees who have not been vaccinated must undertake Coronavirus (Covid-19) tests daily, and must have a negative result to be allowed into the workplace, an official says.
City manager Bernard Kipit said it was the decision of the NCDC board to ensure the workplace was safe for all.
“They must take a Covid-19 test every day before going into work,” he said.
Kipit said strict compliance must be observed by the unvaccinated staff before entering City Hall.
NCDC has a ceiling of 700 employees. Only 300 have been fully vaccinated.
“Those unwilling to be vaccinated (will) get tested for the Covid-19.
“They (will be allowed in) to work if it is a negative result,” he said.
He said it was a requirement until an employer was fully vaccinated.
“Vaccination is a one-off.
“But if you (are not vaccinated) it is everyday testing,” Kipit said.
“The (daily) testing does not apply to those already vaccinated (who) have a clear path to the office.”
Kipit said coloured identification cards would be issued to all employees to identify those who had been vaccinated.
“Those who refuse to take a Covid-19 test will be asked to stay home for a minimum of two weeks before the Commission will (decide the next step),” Kipit said.
Kipit had talked to the employees who have not been vaccinated.
“A time frame has been set for all staff to be vaccinated.
“But should they still refuse to get vaccinated, they can get tested every day.”
His earlier directive had stated that unvaccinated staff would be taken off the payroll by Nov 1.
NCD Governor Powes Parkop said earlier protecting employees “against irresponsible employees is an important responsibility of the management and board”.