UOG management incompetent

Letters, Normal

IT is very frustrating and surprising to hear from the concerned bodies that they do not know what is happening at the University of Goroka.
Before students boycotted classes, they told the university management to step down, dissolve the interim council whose term expired in 2006 and restore the full council.
Instead, the management sought a restraining order from the court against the SRC and threatened to arrest the student representatives.
Is this justice?
Frankly, the restraining order only inflamed the already volatile situation, causing the student body to be angry and violent.
Is this how the management tackles simple issues?
Its dictatorial behaviour masks its incompetence in solving in-house matters.
When OHE director-general Dr William Tagis showed up, he admitted that he had no power to dissolve the interim council during a meeting.
If he does not have any power, then why send him to Goroka?
If he does not have any power then something is terribly wrong with our system.
I call on the Public Accounts Committee to investigate the OHE and the UOG management.