UoG management reinstated

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The National- Friday, January 14, 2011

 THE top management team at the University of Goroka in Eastern Highlands has been reinstated.

The management voluntarily stepped aside nine months ago following a student boycott early last year.

An independent investigation committee was formed to probe allegation of academic, administrative and financial mismanagement.

After reviewing the committee’s report, the university council found no evidence relating to the claims and reinstated Vice-Chancellor Dr Gairo Onagi, associate professor Michael Mel (pro vice-chancellor academic) and Dr James Yoko (pro vice-chancellor administration) to their posts on Jan 1.

They were also issued strict performance guidelines.

UoG Chancellor Benais Sabumei announced the decision this week in a statement to all UOG stakeholders. 

“The issues raised by the investigation committee did not constitute financial fraud, misuse or mismanagement by the sidelined management that required reviewing or cancelling their contracts.

“In recalling the top management, and in line with the committee’s recommendation, the council will enforce a higher standard of performance criteria and appraisals on the management team; so that their respective performances are under constant review by the council,” Sabumei said.

“The past culture of UoG strikes, boycotts and sit-ins must end and stakeholders must understand and adhere to established, proper legal processes under the UOG statues, laws and other processes to achieve our individual and collective aspirations.  

“The council also seeks cooperation and understanding from all stakeholders in ensuring our university meets the expectations of the government and the citizens of PNG.”