UOG resolution reached

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UNIVERSITY of Goroka (UOG) students, the National Academic Staff Association (NASA), the Office of Higher Education (OHE) director general Dr William Tagis and Minister for Higher Education, Research, Science and Technology, Michael Ogio met for the second time in Port Moresby yesterday after six weeks of students boycott.
They reached a resolution yesterday after the minister indicated that the current council would be dissolved this Friday with new members elected to form a new council.
It was highlighted yesterday that students would return to classes on conditions that a fresh council free of remnants of the current council was installed.
The students had demanded the removal of the current vice-chancellor and the two pro-vice chancellors, administration and academic, over allegation regarding several issues the university had encountered over the years.
Mr Ogio said he had no power to action that cause because the University Act did not allow him to.
He said the University Act was autonomous so there cannot be any political interference.
Mr Ogio, however, informed the students that the university council should be dissolved by Friday with new members, who would then be able to look into the issues.
He added that it was important for students to return to classes as of Monday while the interim council looked into their concerns.
SRC president Benjamin Michael has indicated that they wanted an overhaul from the bottom up stating that they wanted fresh council members exempting the current lot of who are in questioning.
He said he was uncertain about the meeting on Friday in relation to the dissolving of the current council but added that they “would not give in” until all was in their favour.
OHE has, in the meantime, agreed to meet the travelling fare for the group back to Goroka.
 The office could not reveal the contents of the petition as Dr Tagis and Mr Ogio have yet to respond to it.