Upcoming show expected to promote Siwai culture

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A CULTURAL show is expected to promote the tradition, art and craft of the people of Siwai on Bougainville next week.
The Siwai Cultural Show will be held from Aug 13 to 15, featuring dances, arts and crafts, and a demonstration of the men’s initiation tradition signified by the wearing of the upe head dress.
It was launched yesterday by the Minister for Tourism, Arts and Culture Isi Henry Leonard, accompanied by South Bougainville MP Timothy Masiu.
Leonard stressed the importance of promoting local tourism during the pandemic.
“Everything is affected by the Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic,” he said.
“Tourism has contracted; it is a heavy blow.”
Leonard said it was important to promote local tourim.
“Never underestimate local tourism,” he said.
“People should use what they have to create cultural events.”
The National Cultural Commission supported the show with K10,000.