Upgrade for Mendi roads

Highlands, Normal


MANY feeder roads in Mendi, Southern Highlands province, are undergoing a major facelift after being neglected for between 15 and 20 years.
Under the district road improvement programme, K500,000 have been allocated to repair the Mendi-Lai-Iri link, Mendi-Tambul (K200,000), Mendi-Karis (K200,000),
Mendi-Kandep (K1 million), Mendi-Muniuh (K100,000) and Bush-Karens (K2 million).
District administrator Otto Puyu said the roads were never maintained in the past by successive governments.
“Under the leadership of MP Pr Issac Joseph, construction work has already started on some of the roads.
“Tenders to work on all the roads will be out shortly,” he said.
He said the provincial works was now working on Mendi-Tambul and Mendi-Karis and repairs to Mendi-Lai-Iri started last week.
Mr Puyu said the tender to repair the other roads, jointly funded by Asian Development Bank, provincial government and his office would be out soon.
“The job scope, survey and designs were undertaken last year and it’s now up to the tenders board.
“After the upgrading of the roads, the people will be able to transport their produce into town and new supplies back to their village, unlike in the past when they had to walk to Mendi town.
“The commercial boost will help the rural folk to earn good money for their produce,” he said, adding that the LNG project here would also transform Mendi town fast.