Upgrade for Nadzab


THE Nadzab Airport in Morobe will be redeveloped this year at a cost of K980 million, according to National Planning Minister Sam Basil.
Following a ground-breaking ceremony at Nadzab yesterday, Basil said the airport was set to undergo redevelopment to provide modern facilities with latest Japanese technologies.
He said the facility was proposed to become the second international airport for PNG behind Port Moresby.
Basil said Nadzab would be upgraded to accommodate B737 class aircraft for both international and domestic services, as well as to handle diverted flights.
The Nadzab Airport Redevelopment Project was made possible through a partnership between the Government and Japan through the Japanese International Cooperation Agency under a loan scheme.
“This project will be funded at a total cost of K980 million. Out of the total K980 million project cost, the loan financing from the government of Japan will be K840 million which equates to 82 per cent of the total project cost while the Government of Papua New Guinea will meet the balance of K176 million, which equates to 18 per cent of the total project. This will be the Government of PNG counterpart-funding to the project,” Basil said.
Japan ambassador to PNG Kuniyuki Nakahara said the airport building would be in the shape of a kundu drum, infused with Japanese technologies, to complement the bilateral partnership.
The Dai Nippon Construction Ltd, a Japanese company, has been awarded the contract for the redevelopment.