Upgrade Minj airstrip into airport

Letters, Normal

The Member for Anglimp-South Waghi, Jamie Maxtone-Graham, the JDB&BPC, the district administrator and all councillors must push for one important impact project to go through, that is, the reopening of the Minj runway.
The Konumbka and Kondika tribes must also support this move, including the Jiwaka Interim Authority.
Mr Maxtone-Graham must use the funds from the DSIP to fund the upgrading of the airstrip to airport status.
The airport will benefit the people of South Waghi and help develop Jiwaka when it becomes a province in 2012.
This will allow our coffee access to the market, something which is lacking at the moment.
It will also allow our fresh vegetables to be sold not only in the towns and cities but also to the LNG project.
Our land is fertile and we must not let it go to waste, especially when the LNG developer, ExxonMobil, needs 40 tonnes of fresh vegetables a week.
This is why we need an airport up and running before 2012.


Dr Bosip P. Amban
Kikori River, Gulf