Upgraded Kokoda bridge ready for trekking season

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THE upgrade and maintenance work on a Kokoda track bridge is complete and ready for the busiest months of the 2019 trekking season.
Kokoda Track Authority (KTA) chief executive officer Julius Wargirai opened the new Agulogo bridge. It was a 25-metre long bridge elevated two metres above fast-moving water – one of more than a dozen recently built log bridges.
Prior to the works being completed, communities were cut off by some of the worst flooding in many years that washed away bridges vital for the 91 communities along the Kokoda Track.
The bridges were also vital for the many trekkers, with 3,500 trekkers expected annually.
Wargirai said work along the entire Kokoda Track was a great success with the help of locals and their knowledge.
He praised the partnership and specialist assistance and the logistical support provided by Australia under the Kokoda Initiative.
“It is through the support of all our partners working together with the skills and knowledge of the locals that we have successfully and quickly completed bridges along the track including this very firm bridge in Agulogo that can better withstand the impact of future wet seasons,” Wargirai said.
Three heavy trees for the bridge were cut and floated downstream with the skills of the local community supported by KTA rangers.
The bridge design and construction was carried out with support from specialist trainers.
Agulogo village chief Sobi Ladive said: “This is the highest bridge we have built, and it feels strong enough to withstand any heavy flooding in the future.”