Uphold honour and integrity, says judge

Lae News, Normal


SENIOR Lae judge Nicholas Kirriwom has again reiterated his call to the legal fraternity and the judiciary to uphold the integrity of the offices they hold.
Justice Kirriwom said this at a farewell dinner hosted in his honour by the Lae chapter of the Papua New Guinea Law Society.
The two other Lae judges Justice Sao Gabi and Justice George Manuhu also attended the dinner.
Justice Kirriwom told the lawyers present to always ensure they uphold the integrity of their profession as lawyers held the “most honourable profession in the world.”
“It is up to us to keep it that way,” he said.
This is the same message he gave them at the recent legal year opening service.
Justice Kirriwom leaves Lae for Port Moresby this week to take up a new appointment at the Waigani Court.
In his new role, he would also be responsible for overseeing and coordinating all judiciary projects under the law and justice sector which is funded by the Australian government through AusAID.
Justice Kirriwom had been in the Lae Court for the past nine years since his transfer from Goroka.
He said one of the things he had wanted to achieve was to have the present Lae Court establishment relocated to a new court house.
This had not been achieved, he said because of the unavailability of land.
Justice Kirriwom said money was available through AusAID but there was no land available in Lae to build a new court house.
Justice Kirriwom told the lawyers that they had been an inspiration to him and had helped him develop as a judge.
“You are the best bunch of lawyers anywhere that a judge could find in a comfortable environment,” he said.
Justice Kirriwom said the Lae lawyers produced quality work when they appeared before him and he encouraged them to keep it up.
Justice Kirriwom said training of lawyers had always been one of his priorities and “if I have been tough on you, I hope you have learnt from the message I have conveyed to you.”