UPNG council approves re-establishment of SRC


UPNG Journalism student
THE University of Papua New Guinea (UPNG) council has approved the re-establishment of the student representative council (SRC).
UPNG chancellor Robert Igara told the first-year students that the SRC would be established during the first week of semester one.
“Since 2016, we haven’t had a student representative council because of the strike in 2016 so it was removed. This year we will re-establish it,” he said.
“That means in a couple of weeks’ time you will see posters of candidates.
“You will have the constitutional right to vote for who you want to vote.”
Igara said voting would happen in a couple of weeks.
Moreover, UPNG, for the first-time, established a student grievance procedure which was also approved by the university council last year.
Igara explained the procedure allows students who have any disputes or need clarification can go through the procedure established.
“If you have a problem, don’t sit on it until it becomes a huge problem that destroys your studentship in this place (UPNG),” he said.
“The procedure allows you to get rid of the problem when it’s small.”

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