UPNG issue


A MOMENT of great excitement for graduating students and parents as the University of UPNGapproaches its 64th graduation on Friday.
Yet it is a matter of grave concern that the university operates with two administrative heads.
The acting vice-chancellor, who currently occupies the office, and the duly appointed VC, who is yet to be installed, is causing more confusion among employees, both academic and non-academic.
The anticipation for an Easter present which should have gone down well with the instalment of the VC is not the case now, this would lead to further repercussions.
The most affected would be the 64th graduates, and who is to be blamed?
Currently, all top administration positions are on an acting basis and the graduating students and parents/guardians would not want to have the certificates (degrees, diplomas etc.) signed by these people – acting VC, acting chancellor, and acting registrar.
Only hoping for good things to happen so that graduation and normal classes are not disrupted.

Concerned stakeholder,
Port Moresby