UPNG refund taking forever


I AM a parent and I am frustrated with the University of Papua New Guinea.
I am a simple average income earner, struggling in these tough economic times with my meagre savings. I had to get bank loans for five solid years for my daughter to enter this premier institution.
She graduated in early April.
She was privileged to have been awarded a HECAS scholarship, so some of her fees should be refunded and that is taking long already.
My daughter has been waiting for her refund since she graduated in April to use to buy her ticket to come home. You can imagine leaving in Port Moresby with the escalating prices of goods and services; it is having a drastic toll on her.
I can’t bail her out because of my loan repayment.
When she went to the university in mid-May, she was told that the refund was being processed. Two weeks later she was told to check next week. In mid-June she was told that they had divided students into batches of 50 and they would be reimbursed accordingly.
In late June, she was told that she would be emailed once her refund was ready. In July, the woman in charge was on maternity leave.
August came and she was told to check next week. This is early September and and still nothing.
Mr Vice-Chancellor, I cannot understand how a simple refund can take almost six months to do. Please, if you read this article, I want my daughter home.

Tumba Biinem

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