UPNG SRC launches plan

National, Normal

The National, Friday 24th May 2013


THE University of Papua New Guinea should reach an internationally-recognised education standard by 2017, with increased professionalism among its students.

It is but only a minor part in the university’s Student Representative Council 2013-17 strategic plan and one year action plan launched yesterday.

SRC president Peter Numu talked on the theme of the event – “Excellence – a new way forward”.

“Our priority is to achieve excellence in the academic, social and spiritual aspects of our life,” he said. 

“This is why the SRC has stood up for the students so that the productive outcome will benefit us all. And these strategic plans will act as a vehicle to drive us forward.

“Our one-year action plan encompasses minor and major projects and so far, with the help of the administration, we have achieved some of them.

“We have printers and photocopy machines for each school, water coolers in strategic locations as well as TV screens.

“We are planning to bring Hitron service in as we are tired of being lost in our own small world.

“Our major projects include internet services, upgrade of library facilities, dormitory project and generators to power all halls of residences during blackouts.”

Minister for Treasury and acting Minister of Higher Education Don Pomb Polye commended the SRC for its  strategic plan.

“Normally, corporate bodies do these kinds of plans but I am honoured to be here today,” he said. 

“I am proud to see you as future leaders and drivers of change and want to encourage you to promote UPNG’s standing as the premier university of the Pacific. The government will support you in your initiative.”