UPNG students return to campus in mourning mode

The National,Wednesday June 15th, 2016

UNIVERSITY of Papua New Guinea students have returned to campus in a mourning mode by rubbing mud on themselves while marching into the forum square.
This follows directives from the university administration that classes resume this week after the six-week boycott of classes. Students are required by the administration to sign a form at the Registrar’s office to reaffirm their registration for June 2016.
They have to “agree to focus on the study programme and to refrain from any activities that are detrimental to the smooth running of the academic programme”.
The form mentions that if a student is involved in “unrests, illegal boycott of classes and related activities”, it will result in that student’s exclusion from a particular programme of study.
“The march to campus was a show of respect and mourning for students hospitalised and still recovering at the hospital from last week’s shooting, said final-year student Newton Savi.
“Students are still in shock from last week’s incident of police shooting and cannot be rushed to make such decisions at a time when our fellow students are still in the hospital.”
Students arrived at the campus yesterday but there were no classes in the various lecture rooms.