Upper Bena sets up body to oversee sports plans

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UPPER Bena intends to overcome violence through sports and have elected a body to oversee various sports spread through the Eastern Highlands local level government (LLG).
With seven wards in the LLG, they have formed the Upper Bena Sports Association and elected their representatives to ensure these sports programmes covered everybody in the community, starting from the professionals, schools, villages and the grassroots.
The association will be headed by Newman Komarare as chairman, Ivan Ano as deputy chairman, secretary Cathy Gosisa and treasurer Sepsy Afema.
With the theme, ‘it is finished let us play sports’, division of community development sports officer Jason Nap said:  “Today is a great step towards sweeping away views of a violent LLG and replacing them with a more honest view that Upper Bena is a great sporting LLG in a powerful sporting province.”  
All seven wards in the LLG were represented and had an equal say in electing the executive body for the sports association.
Ano brings an added level of professionalism to the group after serving as the president for the LLG while Gosisa was happy to represent the women in the LLG and Afema brings with him experience from a variety of sports.
The association will be holding its first meeting on Nov 1 before planning on developing sports programmes in the region.
The executives will also take part in creating the district sports administration.