Urban drift a problem


OVER the past 10 years, the rural-to-urban drift has increased at an alarming rate.
People who are migrating in search of a better life are doing so genuinely but many have become a nuisance in the cities and towns.
Too many ethnic clashes have happened because uneducated people living in cities and towns cannot conform to acceptable standards of behaviour.
Noise pollution, burglary, bag-snatching, prostitution and other social issues in the urban centres are the result of unregulated movement of people.
Only working-class people and their housekeepers and students should be allowed to move freely as and when necessary.
However, government should create opportunities for its population and roll out decentralisation programmes and implement impact projects such as agricultural incentives, school and health infrastructural development, create market opportunities for local farmers and promote SMEs in the provinces to stop the urban drift.
Otherwise, in 10 to15 years’ time, all active and young people will be congested in the cities of Papua New Guinea.

Fidelis Rapa James

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