Urban ward to get water supply

The National,Tuesday June 21st, 2016

THE people of Palnakaur ward in the Kokopo-Vunamami urban local level government of Kokopo, East New Britain, will soon have access to water supply.
The local level government had approved K26,000 for the implementation of the water reticulation project.
A cheque of K26,000 was presented at a ceremony last Wednesday to Water PNG to start the implementation of the project.
When addressing the occasion, Kokopo city manager Freddy Lemeki said Palnakaur ward had been the main water source, supplying water to the entire city of Kokopo for many years.
However, he added that the ward had been without a proper water supply system for decades
Lemeki said the people had gone through certain channels or stakeholders to secure funds to reticulate water into the ward, however, were not successful with their attempts.
“They came back to the local level government and we were able to fund this project that will be helpful to the ward,” he said.
Lemeki said the fund was for materials needed for the implementation of project.
He said Water PNG would be checking the standards of the materials and would provide project supervision.
Palnakaur ward member Joakim Nuknuk, when addressing the occasion, said the more than 800 people in his ward would now be able to access water at their door steps after 20 years.
Nuknuk thanked the local level government and the Kokopo district administration for prioritising the people’s need.
“Water must always be a priority in East New Britain. Many people in the province suffered from the El Nino last year and previous years. We must be prepared this year on,” he said.
According to deputy city manager Gamaliel Ersuit, seven 5000 litre tanks and one 3000 litre tank, all costing K19,980 would soon be distributed to other wards in the local level government area.
These wards are Palavirua, Karavi, Malakuna, Tinganavudu, Gunanba and Bitavavar.
This would help people having access to better and clean water for drinking and other uses.