Urgent action needed


board box structure and with no pit, that has been erected on the vacant allotment opposite the burnt down Malaoro supermarket at Manu market.
On average about 4-8 people have been using this site as a toilet area each hour.
Since NCD dismantled the unapproved building structure on this block in May this year, no attempts have been made by the owner to re-erect the front fence or rebuild thus turning the block into a public and toilet area.
Can NCD please do something as it’s just becoming a breeding area for highly serious diseases?
The stench is also getting worse and unbearable by the days for the neighbours. And the flies are obviously having field days visiting this open toilet area and the food market just a mere 100 metres away.
A most damaging condition towards public hygiene and health.
NCD/owner – we expect some urgent action please.


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