Urinating in public


IT is now becoming normal to males urinating in public without feeling embarrassment.
This is insane.
One will notice that males are now peeing here and there where they find themselves comfortable against a nearby fence, nearby tree, nearby shrubs, nearby drain or nearby bus stop shade which are all along the public footpath.
In the past people feel embarrass to just urinate in open public places but now a days, it is just becoming normal when one feels like urinating he will just find any place to pee without considering privacy.
Even when one drives up and down the road one will notice a male guy standing and urinating.
Can the government please do something by legislating a bill in the parliament so that those who are urinating in public are fine certain of amount of money.
Just like drinking alcohol in public which amounts to an offence, same principle should apply to urinating in public.
The guys shows no sign of respect to people passing by and to make it more complicated to understand.

Fed-up Citizen

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