US army suggests training assistance

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The National, Monday February 17th, 2014


A SENIOR official of the US Army visited the country recently to explore potential training partnership with the Papua New Guinea Defence Force.

Major-General, Roger Mathews from the US Pacific Command, in Hawaii, held talks with PNG Defence Force Commander, Brigadier-General Gilbert Toropo in Port Moresby.

Mathews said the US Army had the expertise to offer training for military operations such as dealing with natural disasters.

He said shared efforts in terms of disaster relief and building relationships with the Pacific region were of paramount importance.

He said the US Army wanted to help Pacific nations become more skilled so they could support their governments better.

“PNG is an important nation for the United States in its relationship with the Pacific region. Both countries have very like-minded goals and have a very strong relationship since independence,” Mathews said

He said the fundamentals of a good military force were important.

“We are mindful of our constitution and our civilian authority and we work to sustain and protect that,” he said.

He said he believed in a disciplined force that conformed to a code of ethics.