US bullying their way for oil


I READ about the killing of the Iranian Military General by the US and it saddens me.
I’m always with the US and the Allied forces but I come to realise that some of the things that the US is doing is no right.
Historically, kings ruled countries such as Iraq, Iran, Libya and Syria.
Modern time kings are the dictators.
People living in these countries are used to the dictatorship government system for centuries.
When US tried to promote democracy in countries such as Iraq and Syria, look at the result that is happening in these countries.
More civilians are killed and the war is continuing, there is no peace.
US invaded Iraq claiming that Sadam Husain (dictator) was building weapons of mass destruction.
But to this very day the US cannot provide evidence that there were any weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.
Iraq is blessed with oil and the main reason for the invasion is because of oil.
US have placed a puppet government in Iraq which they can easily work with to extract the natural resource – oil.
Iraq is Babylon – once the beautiful city where all the conquerors wanted to make it their capital city.
It also contains priceless biblical artifacts which are currently missing – when US invaded the city people looted the museum and historical sites.
Iraq was far better off with a dictator than having a democratic puppet government.
US is investing billions in military – and off course its building weapons of mass destruction and yet it wants other countries to stop!
In a PNG village setting, if someone in the village has a high powered weapon, no one would want any trouble with that person.
The villagers will call him iron man and that person acts as iron man because he’s got the weapon to back him up.
Very similar to what US is doing. Why would US invest billions of dollars in military and not use their fancy equipment.
They are picking fights because they want to use and test what they have made.
Iran in the Middle East does not share any border with the US.
But why would US have an interest in Iran? Why would US want to disarm Iran’s nuclear weapon programme?
Is Iran a threat to other countries?
If you possess nuclear weapons you pose a threat to all.
So who in this world have nuclear weapons?
Who spends billions of dollars on military?
What does Iran have that USA would want to control?
I think the motive is similar to what happened in Iraq.
If you have a gun, I need a gun, you fire, I will fire back, so you will think twice before you pull the trigger?
But if you have a gun and I don’t you are on the upper hand.
Possessing nuclear weapons is no different
Apart from North Korea and Iran who stands up against US publicly, there are no other countries who dare say that what USA is doing is wrong.
A lot of innocent lives are lost because of the war – tens of thousands of children are killed – their innocent blood is on the hand of those who made the decision to invade that country.

PNG Observer,

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