US coffee buyers taste coffee

The National, Wednesday July 20th, 2016

UNITED States coffee buyers and roasters of Apo Angra Kange (AAK) coffee cooperative coffee, on Monday, cupped coffee produced by the association’s members in Goroka Eastern Highlands.
Coffee traders who cupped for quality of AAK cooperative member’s coffee were Scott Pederson (importer) from True Coffee Roasters, Casey Thomas Blanche (master roaster) from Oriole Coffee Roasters, Dennis Jackson (master roaster) of Bowtruss Coffee Roasters, Brandon Bir (sourcing and education manager) with Crimson Cup, Crop to Cup Coffee ales and Marketing Taylor Mork (co-founder and president) and Jacob Elster (farm representative) and John Edwards from PNG Coffee Exports.
Elster, said it was exciting to cup coffee here and identify coffee quality before it was exported.
He said coffee cupping was important because one could determine whether it was viable for the market.
AAK coffee cooperative general manager Brian Kuglame thanked the international coffee experts for choosing to cup his cooperative coffees.
“I am deeply impressed with the success when internationally recognised coffee traders spend time with AAK farmers and cupping their coffee to establish quality and quantity,” Kuglame said.
He said for the last 60 years, small coffee growers never knew where their coffee went.
“It was until when the cooperative was established for coffee grower members to moblise coffee and directly export through lead partner John Edwards and his PNG Coffee Exports,” Kuglame said.
“However, illiteracy and lack of understanding the market chain were major hindrances but we will push until everyone understands the coffee marketing chain.
He said PNG has a culture to ‘see to believe’, now that they have seen how important the work they were doing to bring international coffee traders, it would be a major breakthrough into the tough world coffee market.
Coffee cupping, or coffee tasting, is the practice of observing the tastes and aromas of brewed coffee.