US family brings along windmill to settlements

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The National, Tuesday 14th Febuary 2012

A NORTH American family is in the country to set up a pilot project using windmill technology to supply water to the 8-Mile and ATS settlement outside Port Moresby.
The family, led by Aaron Martin and wife Ruth, flew from North Carolina, US, to help supply water for the settlement people.
The family were treated to a traditional Eastern Highlands welcome and mumu at APEC Park in Port Moresby. They were welcomed by the project initiator and police union general secretary Clemence Kanau.
Aaron and Ruth, with sons David and Greg and daughters Katie and Colleen, would set up a windmill to service more than 100,000
Kanau thanked the Martins for spending 27 hours of non-stop flight from North Carolina to bring this vital but basic service to the people of Port Moresby.
“This will be a pilot project that will be set up initially as a village concept at the 8-Mile ATS area and, after its success, will be introduced in other parts of the city,” Kanau said.
He said water was one of the major problems for settlers there.
Martin, an astrologer/teacher who grew up on a farm in Pennsylvania, has spent 36 years teaching in the US and has now dedicated his time to working on humanitarian projects.
His wife is a New Testament Bible translator who has worked with former US president Jimmy Carter on
Habitat for Humanity programmes in the US.