Use election for restoration


NEXT year’s national general election is an opportunity to contribute towards restoration, stability and equitable world.
Papua New Guinea’s economy is driven by unfair resource development models.
Debt trap and dwindling kina value are driven by ever cursing global capitalism.
There is infestation and destruction of our social order by Western indoctrination.
There is a general drop the in standard of living as a result of political decisions such as the Union Bank of Switzerland loan where we spent for 10 per cent share in Oil Search Ltd, made no money in return and incurred a billion kina debt instead
It is time to legitimise and enforce customary laws and customary land and property rights and ownership – our land is not terra nullius.
We should redefine the doctrine of mandate in the context of Bougainville and introduce state governments.
Remove the crown liability and make the prime minister head of the country, but he or she should be voted by the people and not by parliament.
Remove elections with a tribe based appointment system.
Increase representation in parliament based on tribal seat allocation.
Reset electoral boundaries on the basis of traditional tribes.
Redefine rights of natural personhood from corporate personhood – they should never be equal.
The health of our society and profits of corporations should never again be compromised.
There are many unresolved issues affecting our collective interest, which have pushed us to contest next year’s national general elections.
Our children will curse us for our inaction today. We can’t sleep if the house is burning.

Cyril Gare