Use of homebrew, drug out of control in Lae


PEOPLE who consume homebrew and marijuana should be ejected from their communities, says Lae law-and-order chairman Sam Oyaya.
Oyaya said the consumption of homebrew and marijuana in Lae was out of control.
He said this last Friday following two recent incidents where suspects under the influence of homebrew allegedly killed a policeman and a company worker in separate incidents.
He said it was time drastic measures were taken to address the problem.
Lae police commander Anthony Wagambie Jr had earlier called for enactment of tough laws to deter production and consumption of homebrew and marijuana.
“In each settlement in Lae there are a number of steam (homebrew) producers,” Oyaya said.
“People know them but for some reason they do not report them to authorities.
“Many youths and even working people go and buy steam in the settlements.
“It’s an unregulated business.
“We also do not know the alcoholic content of the steam.
“People who are producing steam and other homebrew products should be evicted from the communities they live in.
“Police and law and order officials must move in and remove them.
“They are a threat to the peace, security, safety and well-being of the community.
“I also want the government to give more support to the law-and-order sector so that we become effective in dealing with these problems.”